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by Lange

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Harmonic Motion is an album of genius in this new era where trance has come to encompass everything and anything; a synchronization of melody and groove. Where Better Late Than Never was an experiment in sound, this album is a confident representation of trance in its multitude of forms, taking a spectrum of influences, counting among them working alongside some of the most talented and innovative song writers within and from outside the genre. The result is a perfectly flowing but dynamic album, ranging from blissful chill to poundin­g tech; perfect for home listening but also ready to grip the clubs.

01. Harmonic Motion
02. High Noon
03. Live Forever (ft. Emma Hewitt)
04. How Long
05. All Around Me (ft. Betsie Larkin)
06. Wie Komme Ich Am Besten Zum Bahnhof Bitte
07. Let It All Out (ft. Sarah Howells)
08. Angel (ft. The Hall of Mirrors)
09. Fireworks (ft. Sarah Howells)
10. Sci-Fi Hero
11. Strong Believer (ft. Alexander Klaus)
12. Clouds Across The Sun (ft. Sarah Ozelle)
13. All Around Me - Reprise (ft. Betsie Larkin)


released July 4, 2010